Bat Squishmallow | Emily the Bat - 12 & 8 Inches

Bat Squishmallow | Emily the Bat - 12 & 8 Inches

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Although traditionally black toys have not been trendy among the kids, times are changing as nowadays kids love to have toys covered in all black.
What has sparked this interest in kids is the fact that halloween squishmallows like bat squishmallow have intimidating and freaky appearances. The evil smile on the Emily the bat squishmallow coupled with its razor-sharp teeth paint a daunting picture and kids love to have a squishmallow in their collection that is aggressive in looks. Further, we will discuss the major features of this mesmerizing toy below.

Bat Squishmallow

Some features of the Squishmallow bat that you need to know:

 First things first, apart from its appearance which is designed to perfection the squishmallow bat comes in a variety of sizes. For kids aged 2+, there are 3.5'', 5'' and 8''sizes and for kids in their teens, big-sized bat squishmallow articles standing at 12'', 16'' and even 20'' sizes. So, what are you waiting for! Surprise your kid with their favorite Halloween squishmallow i.e. Emily the bat squishmallow and get to witness the big smile on their face.

Now, the next great feature of Emily squishmallow is it is made of super soft spandex & polyester stuffing which makes it one of the fluffiest squishmallow bat articles.

In addition to this, because it is made from fluffy and soft material not only can your kid always play with it at all times but Emily the bat squishmallow can also be your kid's travel buddy. These are super easy to cuddle with and make for a great pillow when you are traveling with your kids on long road trips.

Last but not the least, squishmallows have been known to be the go-to presents for kids! The best thing about the orange bat squishmallow is the fact that it is a Halloween squishmallow. In this way, this can be the perfect Halloween surprise gift for your little boy.